5 Best Sitcoms for Netflix and Chill

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The phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ is another way of saying you’re going to have sex with someone while Netflix may or may not be playing in the background, but you don’t always have to hookup with someone; occasionally you may want to Netflix and chill with friends. When you’re chilling with friends, sitcoms may be your best bet as they’re funny and not too long, and they can be consumed in manageable portions, in case you’re not up for a long night of binge watching your favorite comedies.


Just in case you’re not all-knowing when it comes to the gems in Netflix’s catalog, I’ve come up with a short list of 5 of the best sitcoms to Netflix and chill with your friends, all conveniently listed below. Grab a drink or something lit at one end, and press play.

1 “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

It’s 9:05 on a Saturday night, and you’re with your buddies arguing over whether or not Kim K has had ass shots, but eventually the argument dies down and you’re all thinking of what to do; why not catch up with ‘The Gang’ and see what Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank are up to?

With every season on Netflix now, there’s plenty of content to sift through, but you really can’t go wrong picking an episode at random, as they’re all hilarious. Between hunting Cricket, doing Charliework, faking their deaths, or giving Dee a heart attack, the Always Sunny crew have so much to offer in terms of whacky stories and misadventures; when chilling with friends, login to Netflix and watch this iconic show.

All you need to do now is figure out which character is each of your friends; for your sake, I hope you’re not Dee.

2 “Workaholics”

If it’s just you and your two best friends chilling, give this crazy trio a try. Blake’s hair, Adam’s “muscles”, and Ders’ man tits provide tons of laughs, and before long you’ll wish Telamericorp was a real business where you can polish your fledgling sales skills, which is pretty tb if you ask me.

To make it even more fun, whenever the boys drink or smoke, do the same. After one episode, you should be feeling it a little, but after the second episode you might be a little turnt, depending on the episode you’re watching.

Whether they’re hiding in a sewer in a gated community or taking shrooms while spending the night at the office, the boys know how to have a good time, which is what ‘Netflix and chill’ is all about, right?

Plus, it’s fun to talk about who your favorite characters are (Blake and Waymond) and hate on Adam for being ridiculously dumb 208% of the time.

3 “How I Met Your Mother”

If the previous shows were a bit too much for your taste, this one may fit your playbook. A sitcom centered around one moron’s ridiculous dating life, this show is a classic and one of Netflix’s staples; if HIMYM is ever removed from Netflix, things are seriously wrong.

With a mixed cast, all of your friends should find the show enjoyable, if they aren’t huge fans of it already. A show that you can pick up at essentially any part of the series, HIMYM is a huge draw for Netflix users, and when you’re hanging out with friends and want to watch something funny, you can’t go wrong picking this show.

The beaver song, Barney’s exploits, and all of the characters’ personalities make for a fun show to watch with friends.

Just remember, if you like Ted, you suck. Suit up!

4 “30 Rock”

If you’ve never given this show a try, next time you’re chilling with friends, get “30 Rock” going on Netflix pronto; this one is a goodie.

Featuring an incredibly hilarious and talented cast, this is one of Netflix’s best shows, not just among sitcoms. Lemon’s constant struggles, Tracy and Jenna’s undying drama, Kenneth’s potential immortality and Jack’s “leadership” make for a very funny show that you’ll have no trouble binging.

This show makes it easy to pick and choose what you want to watch throughout the series, although there is an over-arching storyline, but it’s not crucial to watch the series chronologically.

Note: this show will create cravings for large platters of meat.

5 “Arrested Development”

This cult classic may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve never given this show a try, I recommend remedying that quickly. Many shenanigans and hiccups occur in the daily goings on of the family the show is focused on, and they’re all very funny.

With a big cast for a sitcom, there’s a lot to like, and many characters to talk about as you watch it with your friends. It is best to start the show at the beginning, as the events that occur in each episode influence the main storyline, so there would be spoilers if you skipped around and not much would make sense.

This may be a show that only a comedy lover could enjoy, but if you’ve exhausted any other shows you and your friends can agree on watching, this is a good one to settle on.